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They were bold ! They were courageous ! They were at their best !

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Our little learners are graduating and we are excited! Nothing has deterred the spirit of the young ones and our efforts have not been lost! We are proud and not hiding it! The graduation ceremony we hosted for our ELP 3 children as they graduate from the pre-primary section was an event celebrated with enthusiasm and aplomb.

The children from ELP 3 have come a long way from when they started the year amid challenges of the pandemic. Online classes have posed unparalleled challenges to their learning process and the children have overcome these with ground breaking results!
The children carried the show independently on their shoulders as they compered  in a self-assured manner speaking articulately and amazing us with their confidence.
The event was a roaring success as the children sang the graduation song and received their awards gracefully.
There wasn’t one show we can say that stole the spotlight .From awareness based eco walks to merry dancing,  the programme made one forget their daily schedules for an hour .
The children displayed their skills and proved that the new physical limitations to learning that they face now have only made them soar higher!
There were only tears of happiness from us !

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