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Xlencia ’21

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Nothing, not even the challenges could be greater than the sum of us.”

Lights, Camera, Action and Cut this is what this year’s Annual Day was literally about.  XLENCIA 2021, will forever remain embedded in our minds for years together, though greater and much grandeur Annual Days will happen in the future. Our esteemed Chief Guest was none other than the renowned Indian actor and television presenter Mr Ma Ka Pa Anand who has been working with Star Vijay doing various shows. Also amidst us we had Ms Dhivyadharshini “DD” Neelakandan is an Indian television host and actress from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It was an honour to have them as our guest speaker for the event. 
“A community is like a ship, everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.” 
The strength of our CPS family is bound together with a strong cord of love, respect and affection for each other which has truly reflected in the various elements of the event. This year’s annual day was truly special as it was the parent commitment that made all this possible. Prepping the students, dressing them up, continuous rehearsals, coordinating with respective faculty and what not- all of these were purely the efforts taken by the parents for which we are immensely grateful.
Students have the best combination of talent, skills and attitude that add up to a great performance. 
Xlencia 2021 and it’s success has become a historical achievement for the CPS family which will be cherished forever for various reasons – the spectacular show put up by our pre primary taking us through an Eco Walk, an Ehtnic Melange shimmering with colours, the Soulful Symphony – an eye catchy musical drama, a peppy dance as Classy Vibes of Twirling Stars  along with a horrific Gothic House.
“While we keep our feet down, we shall never stop reaching for the stars.”
Events like the Annual day come and go but it  makes the school foundation more stronger,  the teachers more committed, the students more learned, more  attached, the parents, more co-operative and supportive, the management more fulfilled and satisfied and the Head of School all the more confident that we have done great and can reach greater heights. Hence the dreams begin once again with new aspirations and new mile stones earmarked for the New Year.

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