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“The old man with his friends” at Egmore Museum

Far more than just a fun treat, seeing live shows and play offers a host of benefits for children of all age.

Taking children to the theatre boost their emotional development such as improved emotional intelligence, bonding, Interactive skills and opportunities to discuss various subjects.

Children experienced this morning the electrifying presentation of the play “The old man with his friends” at Egmore Museum.

The play was a one man show, by a Korean actor Shoeman. He stole everyone’s heart with his over whelming talent. He gradually lit up the stage to complete life, sounds and the remarkable timings of creating the background and characters alive on the stage one at a time.

Children enjoyed and experienced the one of its kind play.

It was indeed a magical and memorable experience. A

Add to that the fun – and bonding experience–that brings happy memories back to school.

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