It’s all about balance! (Balancing Beam Activity @ ELP2 TMZ)

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Balance is the ability to maintain a controlled body position during any task, whether it is sitting at a table or walking the balance beam.

Balancing beam is a wonderful way to promote gross motor skills. Walking on something above the surface level of the ground or pavement can help children develop balance and aid in whole body coordination. Children were really thrilled to see the new set of beams in front of them. They were excited to try the activity after getting the instructions. They also learnt the art of being patient as they waited for their turn. Each child tried to walk on the balancing beam with utmost concentration and care. They had to balance their body. Even the slightest distraction caused them to lose their balance and they had to perform the activity from the start. At first, three beams were kept together and the children found it simple to walk on them and gradually the complexity level was increased. A zigzag pattern was formed using the beams and children welcomed the challenge gleefully that made them concentrate on their posture. Balancing beams encourage children to build their core strength and to learn how to balance their bodies in response to level and direction changes. The confidence and skills needed to move on the balance beams were developed through this activity. The activity kept the students blissfully engaged and they wanted to repeat it for the immense fun it offered. Balance they did, to fine tune their gross motor skills.

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