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The Talent Parade @ CPSGS ANN

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There is a quality in all of us that makes us stand out. A quality that makes us unique. A natural aptitude of outstanding magnitude which makes that quality our talent. Discovering the talent and encouraging it is our prime motive.

At EY segment we had a special day where we encouraged our little ones to display their talents.

The overwhelming response from the participants had us awestruck as children displayed various feats!

Dance and song no longer seem to be everybody’s cup of tea. A little dancer performed an exotic indian folk dance with lit diyas held in her hands while a budding pianist tapped away popular rhymes on the keys. A young crooner sang a song she had penned on her own and a daredevil gymnast had every one mesmerised as he tried climbing the wall! There is a hidden talent in all of us and this was well exhibited by children engaging in various activities. Fireless cooking, puzzle solving, dance, and story telling can be hidden talents too as was well displayed by the children. It definitely cannot be that all this talent was developed over night, we think there is something that we all have hidden and is just waiting to be discovered.

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