Return of the Titans! CPSGS TMZ

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From the new normal to the old normal! It was indeed an overwhelming moment for the entire CPS Global School family to have a full house. After the senior and middle school, now it was the turn of the pre-primary and primary sections to join the onsite bandwagon. Students, parents, and facilitators were all filled with excitement, joy, and wonder. The CPS Global School staff’s care and commitment ensured that the preparation put into making school re-entry safe and welcoming alongside restoring normalcy to the school day of our little Titans was immaculate. Over two days students adapted themselves to the building, and re-established healthy relationships with other students and their mentors, essential for learning and growth. Some students stepped into the physical world of education for the first time, some returned taller (literally) and more matured transfixing all teachers!
Despite the masks, handwashing, directional flow in halls, and physical distancing, it was exhilarating to see glowing eyes peering through the tops of masks amazed to see Rusty standing at the entrance to welcome them all. Heartfelt gratitude to all the parents and guardians for preparing their wards to attend the first day of school ensuring that the day is etched in their memories forever. Children were brimming with joy to see all the surprises made by their teachers and they thoroughly enjoyed the activities conducted in the classes. The ELP stalwarts acclimatised themselves with just one happy hour spent with their mentors.
Happiness is contagious, and each little Titan left no stone unturned to make themselves and all around them happy as well. The first day of physical school after just one month short of two years could not have been better initiated, the day for which we all have been waiting for!




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