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Story telling competition @ CPSGS ANN

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It’s not magic that takes you to another world but, it’s storytelling.
– Val Mcdermid

On November 26 our lower primary kids set the stage for a storytelling competition. The grade 1 and 2 kids were all geared up with enthusiasm, and weaved the tales of magic, fables, kings and queens to modern explorations.
The event gave the space for the kids to bring life into characters, and the melody of their mind through expression and articulation.
The judges of the event Ms Bhavana and Ms Merlin, experienced an exuberant expression of their storytelling skills.
Our little story tellers sprinkled the magic with a message for the audience. Every story had a message to ponder and appreciate!
Storytelling is an art, our little weavers have set the space for becoming an artist.


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