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100 days – a 100 different things @ CPSGS ANN

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We’ve been learning for a while, in fact, 100days!

We can spell, read, write and count in many ways.

We’ve had fun and made good friends, but it isn’t over yet

Let’s keep going, going, going, and see how smart we can get.

The 100th day of school is the most delightful moment as it marks a milestone . However, it is much greater than that and Teachers  remember it a different way !  How special our little cubs  have made its special in the 100 days with them !

Our young learners have been laughing, playing, gaining knowledge, and growing from day one  without looking back even for a second .

We take every excuse to celebrate at the EY segment and when its an achievement so  epic , children had 100 different things to do and say.With whatever they did , it made us realise one thing -how fast a 100 days can go by and how many memories we have filled our kitty  !

Hurray to 100 productive days of school !



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