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Sports day @ CPSGS, ANN

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Sports teach your character; it teaches you to play by rules. It teaches about life on the whole.

The much-awaited Annual Sports Day of CPS Global School was majestically held on 26th January 2023, with great zeal, excitement, and ardour. The day showcased to all our students and parents how “sports are intertwined into our lives.” The students of all four houses entered into the spirit of the occasion grandly with Marchpast that undoubtedly exhilarated the spectators with the synchronous swing of arms and the loud sound of feet marching in unison. A spectacular display of all four houses was the frosting on the cake and undeniably set the tone for the rest of the events. Once the track events began, the atmosphere was charged with plaudits, cheering and thundering ovation for the young athletes. The prize winners and champions were honoured and celebrated ultimately. The day concluded with shouts of joy and victory! At CPS Global School, the celebration of Sports Day inspires our up-and-coming budding athletes to perceive that partaking in sports is a prerequisite to keeping their bodies and minds healthy.








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