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Brain Game Session @ CPSGS, ANN

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During the circle time this week, EY2 had Brain Game Session. Interesting activities were taken up by young participants. The first one was the Imitation Game, where students have to arrange sticks in a specific pattern as per the instructions displayed on the senses board. The second activity was the fuzzy Brain Trick, which the children tried with their tiny hands. For instance, they were shown a thumb’s up in one hand, and thumb pointed at the index finger in the other hand. The children switched back and forth alternating the signs as quickly as possible. They enjoyed few such tricks which helped to increase their ability to focus. Finally, they did a calming activity by giving a hug to themselves until they counted 10.

The main objective of the Brain Game Session is to improve the children’s performance in learning tasks. The children enjoyed doing these activities, and the session was, truly, a success.

Now our kiddos will tell you which one they like!

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