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Rhyme it right! – ELP 1 @ CPSGS ANN

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Imagine a world of words with no rhyme,

There would be no fun in the reading-years prime…

Grasping the sounds would take efforts and time,

Words would be distant, hidden in rime.

Rhymes help to speak, to remember, to spell,

A rhyme-happy child can read pretty well!

To give you the essence, wrapped in a nutshell,

In rhymes the heart of a reader does dwell.

Sense it may make, or make it may not,

But a rhyme is a way of learning sure shot,

O! Do start early, while the child is a tot,

Before, in complex words and phrases, it’s caught…

 Well, this was only a modest effort to convey what we are going to talk about! Rhymes. We will agree upon the role of rhymes in taking the first step towards reading — generating curiosity and interest — at the very least!

As children sing rhymes, they subconsciously start making connections with the phonetic pieces, or constituents, of words. They also start searching for familiar sounds in words that they come across, and this is often their first baby step’ in the journey of becoming readers!

Rhyme time game was organized for ELP 1 tiny tots, where they had to choose from a picture of a rhyme and sing it. It was astounding to see the medley of rhymes our singing stars could come up with.

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