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Creative minds – ELP 3C @ CPSGS ANN

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One can use Imagination , pretence or both to represent things. The former would be away from the actual and pretense is observations that are put into action.  There is just a thread separating the two.

A school atmosphere in which pretend games are encouraged as a separate period in the timetable or in recess time has shown great amounts of imaginativeness and enhanced curiosity in kindergartners.

Playing with blocks, allows children to make their own design as well as give them the satisfaction of creating something on their own that did not exist before or in other words, children receive creative stimulation by making something totally on their own. The idea of a fictitious city planted in the minds of the children had them conjuring unique creations. There was an awe inspiring display of talent by nimble little hands of ELP 3 c.

A setting of “tomorrow land” that happened today at the segment!

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