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Proud Ovation for the Karate Icon of CPSGS!

PR.Vishwaa, black belt Karate Champion is the great Sports Icon of CPSGS Thirumazhisai. His passion for Karate has led him to achieve a glorious eminence in diverse Karate Championships. He began his Karate training when he was 3 years old and yet relentlessly whetting the techniques to become one of a kind. Representing our Indian team, he has won several awards in particular, gold medals in many International level tournaments and has obtained proud acclaim for his skilled moves.

He has been awarded World Level Black Belt i.e., DAN I holder by the German Grand masters, a remarkable achievement of this year. This year has been a winning year for our very own Vishwaa. He has won a Gold in Kata and Silver in Kumite in Singapore Silent Knight world championship which was held in March 2019, 2 Gold medals in Kata and Kumite in Second Shimoga International Karate Championship in August 2019, 2 Gold medals in Kata and in Kumite in Tamilnadu Shotocup Karate Tournament in September 2019 and 2 Gold medals in both Kumite and Kata in Shobukai Invitational Karate Championship. Apart from these splendid triumphs, he has also bagged several medals in district, state and national level karate championships. For his endless achievements, CPSGS explicitly show our mark of respect for the budding Karate World Champion.

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