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A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.

Martin Luther King Jr

CPS Global School Thirumazhisai provides opportunities to our students to  hone their skills of leadership; the most important trait required in Gen z. ILMUNC brings quality debate on world issues and encourages young minds to think bold and act resolutely on various world issues. ILMUNC 2019 was held at the Hyatt Regency, Gurugram from November 28th to December 1st. Our student delegates represented various countries in committees like ECOFIN, SOCHUM, WHO, DISEC, Ad Hoc and League Of Nations. The delegates explored and debated on topics like Family Planning, World Wide denuclearisation, elimination of religious intolerance, increasing the availability of banking and financial services and the likes. The secretariat were Sameer Khan and Sai Bandi both students of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of business as where the Chairs of the various committees. The first time delegates though a bit sceptical initially, quickly got the knack of debating and ardently researched and prepared their points of information to support their Moderated Caucuses. Our seasoned MUNners on the other hand sharpened their debating skills and became adroit delegates.  Leadership forum had eminent personalities from various fields whose discourse opened the doors to new strategies, fuelled the delegates to explore dauntlessly various solutions to world issues. The speakers for the leadership forum were Mr Chandra Mohan, Director Corporate affairs at Coca Cola India,Dr Shashi Kad ,Founder and CEO at SAGE sustainability and Mr Anirbhan Ghosh , Chief Sustainability Officer, Mahindra Group. The session with Mr Anirbhan Ghosh was highly interactive as he encouraged the delegates to share their ambitious ideas for attaining sustainabilitygoals. There was also a panel discussion on ways to achieve SDGs by experts Mr Antony Jacob, MD & Chairman Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company, Mr Ruediger Schroeder MD Karcher Cleaning System Pvt Ltd, Mr Sampreeth Reddy MD and CEO World view Education, Ms Karishma Asoodani Multi Platform Journalist. There were sessions for faculty advisors that briefed them about how ILMUNC can help in the holistic development of students. The delegates were in for a thrilling session when the Secretariat called for an emergency crisis meeting at midnight. The delegates true to their commitments rushed to their committees to solve the crisis situations that ranged from Bitcoin fraud and fake currency to a terrorist attack on Sudan. Their perseverance in arriving at resolutions and passion towards their individual committees was commendable. The intense committee sessions were compensated with social nights where the delegates had Karaoke and a dance night that encouraged them to come out of their contentious attitude of their debating session. ILMUNC 2019 was an excellent platform for our students to perform their roles as Global citizens. The conference aided the students in developing communicative, collaborative and critical thinking skills. It also egged them to make decisions on their own. It is said that great leaders don’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference and that is exactly what our students did by participating in ILMUNC 2019 and contributing their views for a better world.


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