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Pack a snack with a bite – ELP 1

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With the change in time, modernization and introduction of new age foods our eating habits have seen a tremendous change. Each area in our country has its own staple food. Have we ever wondered why?  Punjab has its chole baturas , down south its  rasam and  rice and Mumbai its  vada pav’s. Well, it’s not rocket science to figure it out.

In an age where guacamole’s and tacos reign our humble indigenous snacks have taken a back seat or rather vanished from sight!  Okay, now to give food for thought, don’t we have more children with delayed and gargled speech now than ever before, why is that?  Apart from genetically blaming it we hold some accountability in what we feed our children .Arn’t foods whiter, mushier and softer just slipping down their   throats literally not creating grip on the jaw?

From rice flour, salt and pepper grew our good old golden crispy delicious twisted , round  murukkus, seedais and achu murukkus that was fried to a golden brown in ghee  filling every house with an aroma that  had us salivating  even when we were a mile away from home.

These self-effacing snacks were packed with lots of benefits one of which is developing strong facial muscles and a jaw line very essential for clear speech. Do we need to say more?  We hope the message finds its way to you and doesn’t get lost in translation.

Cheetos, Doritos,Pringles, please step aside,

A second chance to murukku, seedai, thenguzal and kadalai mittai.






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