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Pet Parade

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Creatures from all over world create intrigue and wonder among humans and it is not often that we get to see the many foreign breeds of birds and animals.

At CPSGS we invited the uncommon and exotic breeds of animals and birds into our school for the children to see.

The cuddly and cosy Chinese Chow Chow encouraged the kids to shed their fears and interact with the dogs. They squealed with delight as they patted the friendly Husky of Siberia and were rewarded by a friendly nudge of its nose!

Incessant chatter by the Alaskan Macaw and the milky white umbrella Cockatoo had the children surprised that birds can talk too! The children marveled at the smaller animals like rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and colour changing iguana.

Pets Parade @ School was our way of giving the children an insight into the various types of animals from all over the world. Animals help to create an attitude of empathy in children. Encouraging them to interact with animals is another way of teaching them to care and treat other living beings with tenderness.



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