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Learning at EY Segment was meticulously designed to meet the holistic needs of young learners. Among the important aspect of learning is practical life activities or life skills. Every child will need the right life skills to be resilient, well-adjusted, and capable of navigating daily life. These practical activities aid in enhancing their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

“Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements.” – Maria Montessori

To put it to action, the little blossoms of EY 2A rolled up their sleeves to learn two life skills lessons –Roti Making & Plucking Leaves.

Children kneaded rolled the roti dough putting their best to make the perfect rotis. Though the rotis were of different shape, it was a fun a learning experience. This activity helped in grooming their fine motor, intra and inter personal skills. They displayed their rotis with pride.

The other was the activity of plucking mint, coriander and curry leaves. Throughout this activity, the learners were seen completely engrossed in separating all the leaves from the stem. The facilitators first demonstrated how to pluck the leaves and keep them in a bowl, which the students eagerly imitated. They also understood the benefits of eating green leafy vegetables. The activity contributed to enhance skills like, hand-eye coordination and kitchen skills.

These simple activities which they see in their home everyday are highly purposeful helping in refining fine motor and concentration skills

Next time when help is needed in your kitchen, don’t forgot to give our little helpers a chance.

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