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Nie news makers meet

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Intellectual minds, innovative ideas, debates on headlines, and the whispers of opinions throughout the crowd of buzzing energy were the things that struck my mind. This wonderful experience began with jitters and excitement that was blended into a recipe of opinions and suggestions, which eventually ended collecting a spoonful of friends, and a bowl full of knowledge. The topic that was discussed was about, “How to cope with peer pressure?” and “Can passion become your profession?”

The day started off with felicitating the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour, followed by their individual speeches, which were absolutely aspiring. Peer pressure is to be influenced by the ideas, habits and behaviours of peers.It is a boon, but sometimes a bane too. We are social creatures, who have societal norms and sometimes confining to those norms or ideas are good because we can explore a lot of things. Although, when conformity becomes too confining, then, people cannot take decisions, relying on the thoughts of others, derailing their own ideas or sometimes even abandoning them. Peer pressure does not always mean pressure infused by friends but sometimes, also by parents and teachers.

Being a country of the Eastern Culture, parents always have an upper hand on their child’s higher studies. A parent’s dream is assumed to be the child’s dream, thereby, confining the child towards just one path even if the child has piqued interest elsewhere. The more passionate children are about their ambition and future, the faster they move towards their goal. This passion is what empowers potential. Every path has obstacles, but the ones who hadn’t designed their path to the destination, will not get a chance to even confront challenges and overcome them with pride. When there is too much pressure, it’s just going to make children feel of having two trucks of knowledge that they are not interested in, tied to their legs, where they are left with no choice but to drag the weight along with them. Parents use their child to fulfil their dreams. This is not their fault because that was what had happened to them, to their parents, and to the previous generations too.

I would like to end with a quote said by the Guest of Honour, “We are not equal to each other, but we are unique and have our own specialties.”

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