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How Did That Get In Your Lunchbox? – ELP 1 @ CPSGS ANN

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Where do you get food from? we had little sheepish voices that said “Food comes from the shop near my house”, Mummy gives us food !

That’s the answer we got from our kids.

Of course, we have a dizzying amount of choice when it comes to food shopping – big  grocery stores, farmer’s markets, food delivery services, so many ways to get food into our homes and onto our plates!

“Food doesn’t grow in stores!  So where did it come from before it was in the store?”How Did That Get In your Lunchbox? These are some questions we put across our tiny tots to think. To help them find answers to these questions, we took our ELP 1 kids through a journey that explores how typical lunchbox foods are made. They learnt how wheat bread, cheese, tomato sauce, potato chips and popcorn is made.

Our young learners had great fun eating a scrumptious snack and went home with food for thought.

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