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There are certain life skills that are very important for children to evolve from a very early age. Running around for chores, basic grooming, and self-care are some of the skills   we can start to establish from a very early age.

“Where do I live?’  Now this question isn’t as simple as it seems, when put forth to a 4-year-old. They know they live in a house, but is that all one needs to know? If they say I live in a big house would someone help them get there?  Just as everyone’s first identity is their name similarly, every house identity is their address.

For that children have to know certain facts.  A house number, a street name, the city, the state, the country. We had a flipbook which contained all such info play ready reckoner   for the children.

A template of house was provided to each child where they were encouraged to write their own address with the assistance of the teacher.

So, at the end of this they all knew where they belonged.

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