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Making of newspaper- Influence an Opinion @ CPSGS ANN

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Students of CAIE 7 took immense pride in presenting their Newspapers in the school assembly. The main purpose of this activity is to give the student body a voice, a forum for expression.

“With immense enthusiasm and integrity, the students of grade-7 had designed not one, but two lucrative newspapers. The content, editing, formatting and printing was entirely approached by the students. The writing helped us express ourselves in various mediums and made us comprehend problems and solutions of all sorts. A few tacks and errors were further ebbed away by the young editors who precisely focused for gradual flaws. The formatting team was our young technology entrepreneurs who formulated a flawless newspaper. Alas, printing. This might sound uncomplicated but it is like a mathematics problem. If an error is over-looked in one minor detail then…. the entire process must be repeated. This newspaper thought us a wide range of attributes. It brought self-confidence in young writers, accuracy in the future editor with a sprinkle of technology for the formatting entrepreneurs. This project aided our knowledge and guided our personality”.   – Jefina CAIE 7

It developed their cognitive and Imaginative skills. Students became familiar with the process of producing formal written documents, developing receptiveness to language, reading, listening and understanding

This task allowed the students to experience their first success, but also immediately confronts them with the difficulties involved. The objective of this approach is to set up a standing team of editors who will regularly polish their writing skills.


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