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Math is cool – ELP 2B

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It is too soon to say if your child will develop a flair for numbers or not. The interest in math depends on the basic logical reasoning a child receives at the initiation of a concept making it a pleasant experience with numbers forever. The more concrete the grounding, the easier it is to grasp and master any mathematical concepts.

And there is no easier or interesting way for a 3 something year old to understand that than by making it real for them. The number 3 was in focus this week for ELP 2b. There were dual activities designed for them keeping in mind the complexity of the formation of the number.

“Around the tree around the tree that’s the way to make number 3”.By singing this song children took turns moving the car on a 3 template designed to look like a track.

They also enjoyed a craft activity where the little ones stuck 3 scoops of ice-cream on a cone in their scrapbook.

Double the fun made triply mouth watering by the 3 scoops of ice-cream!


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