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Cause and effect – ELP 3C @ CPSGS ANN

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As children are learning to speak with confidence we are trying to make their speech effective.  Good communication skills determine a meaningful conversation. An important aspect of any verbal exchange is when the speaker is explained why things happen. It helps to quell the uncertainty in the listener as to the cause of an event. What caused the effect is the lesson here.

At ELP 3 we did an activity to explain the concept of cause and effect. The wall was set up with various characters in different situations. One “was feeling very cold and wanted to drink hot chocolate” whereas “the other was going on a picnic, hence had her picnic hamper ready!”

Children were given various scenarios wherein they had to determine its cause and form an efficacious statement. Pose statements like “the skies are dark”…eliciting a response like “It’s cloudy…the skies are dark” or “The sun has set…the skies are dark” as the cause. Challenge their little minds and encourage them to make their conversation explanatory.

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