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Live Telecast of Chandrayaan 2 Launch @ CPSGS ANN

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After eleven years of its predecessor Chandrayaan-1, Chandrayaan-2 was launched into orbit at 2:43 pm in the afternoon of 22nd July, 2019. The students of CPSGS Anna Nagar watched a live stream of the rocket launch. It was truly a sight to behold. We are absolutely proud of our nation yet again, for a successful rocket launch. The anticipation in the moments leading up to the launch was intense. The feeling of not knowing whether it would be a success or not was unbearable.

As the engines ignited and the rocket “Vikraam” dubbed “Bahubali” for its massive size, set sail into the heavens, the students gasped in awe at this indelible event. It was an unforgettable experience for all of us.

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