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Children today lead no ordinary lives. They are multi taskers and self-learners.

Cooking – a basic life skill had become an absolute necessity to possess. To contribute to the endeavour on tapping  on this skill we organised the “Little Top Chef “competition  for   Our 1st and 2nd graders .

Children actively participated in the virtual fireless cooking event, exhibiting fine culinary skills, explaining their dishes and its nutritional value. The enthusiasm with which children churned out new and exciting recipes is a reflection of their innate talent just waiting for an opportunity to be exposed.

Impressively dressed in chef caps and aprons they quickly and deftly whipped up new and unique recipes. Exclusive varieties of food to exquisite and refreshing drinks like oreo milkshake, coconut water sherbet and mango lassi had us hoping we could get our hands on to them! The cravings of the sweet tooth were taken care of by delectable coconut paan laddu, dry fruit lollipop and mouth-watering banana bites. Creativity was the mantra of the day as sandwiches with stuffing’s like jam and dry-fruits to smiley cheese sandwiches and not to forget the bread volcano were assembled by the little chefs! The crunchy salads like green sprout salad to the yummy mayonnaise vegetable salad had our taste buds tingling. We Wish we could travel through our screens to taste.

Eating patterns that begin in childhood affect health and wellbeing throughout life, and today’s activity will surely help children to develop a positive relationship with food.

By the way, if you are wondering what to make for today’s evening snack, they’ll be more than glad to share a recipe or two.

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