A Triumphant Feat- E Investiture Ceremony

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The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.

– Henry Kissinger

Today was another victorious and monumental day; the digital platform yet had seen another momentous trail embarked by witnessing one of the most auspicious ceremonial occasions, the Investiture Ceremony 2020-2021, the pride of CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai.

This historic virtual event was chaired by Honourable Chief Guest Col. Nambiar R M R, served in SIKH Regiment 1979, also in Western sector, Eastern Sector, Siachen Glacier and operated in Special Forces, Weapons Instructor in Infantry School Mhow, and Guerilla Warfare instructor in Special Forces, served approximately 32 years and Director- Sainik School for Girls, Gujarat; Director (Campus Safety, Surveillance & Administration), Ganpat University, Gujarat. This ostentatious ceremony commenced with a prayer song by our very own Virtual Choir and the digital throng was cheerfully welcomed by a soulful flute rendition of Anjana Soman of IGCSE Year 2 and a salutation speech by our Primary Team Lead, Ms. Kanagavalli. The Chief Guest’s introduction by Ms. Shiny, Lower Secondary Team Lead clearly pictured the inspirational, patriotic nature and the active operations of Col. Nambiar R M R, literally giving goose-flesh to all the digital listeners. 

The moment of pride filled the air when the virtual depiction of the flags of four houses, Alphard, Canopus, Diadem and Plasma was filmed and when the four house mentors of 2019-2020 handed over the baton of responsibility to their successors of 2020-2021. The Investiture note by the Head of School, Ms. Jayu Ganesh motivated the young leaders of today to don the mantle of leadership and responsibility while carrying it out with utmost dedication. Thus the mantle of leadership was passed on to the entire Student Council members virtually through their respectable parents. The newly elected and selected Student Council Members took over the responsibility by getting their prideful badge pinned; a sense of pride filled the eyes of the parents when they beheld their children being invested with great responsibilities while embarking on a new journey as leaders. The Class Representatives, foundation of a Student council was also announced at this grand juncture.

‘A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way’ and it would not have been better to have someone else rather than Col RMR Nambiar to administer the Oath, a majestic moment to observe. The Chief Guest’s emphasis on confidence, sacrifice and efficiency truly echoed the intrinsic qualities of a leader thus inspiring the young minds and the audience with such stimulating speech. 

A spell-binding speech was delivered by our Student Council Heads which further fuelled and ignited the spirits of the student council members and motivated them to take up the charge and fulfil their duties to the best of their abilities. The ceremony came to a close with the portrayal of heartfelt gratitude by Ms. Aditi Mukherjee, Academic coordinator.

With all our heads held high and the entire virtual crowd standing tall, the ceremony was complete with our National Anthem.

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