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Initiate, Introspect and Ignite @ CPSGS ANN

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On the fifth of December 2020, the students at CPS Global School Annanagar had an enlightening approach to subject and career options through a webinar. The interactive session was led by Ms. Sudha Mahesh, an author and Cambridge facilitator. The webinar not only offered many tips and tricks to manage time while studying, but also focused upon the fields of study that will thrive in the next decade.  The session also depicted on how to choose subjects according to the specialization course and self-study skills. The students learnt about the importance of using visual tools to self-study, new media literacy skills and self-direction skills while answering questions. This also enabled the session to be fun and interactive. The students engaged in the Question and Answering session to clear their queries as the informative session came to an end. All in all, the students are a step ahead than what they were yesterday in determining subject options for their higher studies and endeavours!

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