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A show and Tell to Ponder @ CPSGS ANN

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At CPS GS we have always encouraged our children to express themselves through participation in various events. Every month our Show and Tell is a medium to showcase their growing confidence and abilities as they are mastering the art of early learning from home, undeterred by the restricted opportunities of the times.

This month our nanos at ELP 2 had us scratching our heads in a guessing game. With a favourite toy of a sea creature hidden in their mystery bag they had us guessing as to what it could be. Well who could have guessed that an octopus not only had 8 legs but 9 hearts and blue blood!  Or that a sea horse does not have a stomach! It was surely a challenge to decode many such interesting and unique hints the children threw our way.

ELP 3 on the other hand taught us that creativity has no age, as they displayed their paintings and crafts. What did they hobby on during this pandemic was the topic of the day to speak on? Taking care of plants or housekeeping can be very interesting to the youngsters to indulge in we found out!  Nothing seemed to be too difficult for these young learners as they told us about their hobbies like soap making or taking care of their pets. Hygiene and cleanliness, saving money in a bank or how to be independent are the few good habits that children proudly spoke about.

Looks like this pandemic was sure an eye opener for all!




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