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Grandparents day – ELP @ CPSGS ANN

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You’re a treasure in our family
A gift of greatest price,
There’s no one quiet as special
And no one quite as nice.
Did you all know there was a day in a year specially allocated to “Grandparents “
Well all the grandparents of the ELP segment would know now.
The world’s greatest story tellers are the quintessential pillars of the family. The wise advice they shared with you as they watched you struggle with life experiences, the secret advices that soothed you , that extra ladoo which was sneaked into your hand , the very forward looking approaches, the secret family recipe of the softest idly were often given to us in love and will stay with us forever .
September 7th was an ode to them from the ELP segment at CPS Global Anna nagar .The Very enterprising and performing grandparents sang ballads, with their delicate voices which we could see no time had taken a toll on! Their unconditional love was shown when they had poignant experiences to share and positive outcomes to exchange.
At the end of the session, children handed over badges as a souvenir and a heart full of memories to reminiscence.
The love they shower on us will be most coveted regardless of us being a 3year old or a 30 year old.

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