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The expert in anything was once a beginner’
As rightly said, an expert in anything was once a beginner, we at CPS Global believe in giving the first push one needs to become an expert at some point and level.
With our efforts to engage our students in holistic growth, an event on Design Thinking was held by Mr. Aditya Sambamoorthy who is the founder and CEO of InLustro Learning Pvt Ltd and Steer Clear Tech Solutions. Mr. Aditya brought with him his in-depth knowledge about design thinking and how one can look for alternative solutions to problems that arise.
Our expert made the session a complete powerhouse of engaged participants and an interactive crowd. Students were guided through how one can brainstorm the basics of design thinking and develop through its five stages. The introduction to design thinking was indeed successful for this age group and we hope this seed will grow into a mindset in our young ones.
Learn continually, there’s always one more thing to learn – Steve Jobs

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