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In over a hundred years,  Mankind witnesses as never before, a quarter million people affected across the globe. Yes, COVID 19 has restructured the history of mankind for years to come. Each day people are battling not just against the disease but psychological and emotional issues associated with the pandemic as it has led to many myths and threats.
In this hour when people are hitting the panic button, our CPS GS students rise as responsible and confident individuals to spread light and warmth to people around the World. Our students believe, as Robert Frost quotes- “The best way out is always through” Our students have expressed the importance of hope and faith in the form of visuals, posters and slogans to help us get through this situation. As we struggle to come to terms with the magnitude of the situation, our students encourage the power of positivity by practicing gratitude and extend their sincere thanks to all the Healthcare professionals and Essential services for their efforts during this life changing period.
We are happy to share our students work in the hope to bring a ray of light in this unprecedented time.

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