Staying Fit together – Online Fitness sessions CPS GLOBAL SCHOOL THIRUMAZHISAI

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CPS Global has always given priority to the physical and mental well-being of our students before everything else. COVID 19 hasn’t deterred us even a wee bit in our pursuit of fitness. An elaborate online fitness regime was planned out for all our students from CAIE1 to IBYR 2 using the ZOOM app. Every class was assigned half an hour of fitness once in three days. The regime included basic stretches, muscle strengthening exercises, plyometric exercises,  aerobics ,flexibility and endurance exercises conducted by our PE teachers live online.  At times like this YOGA has been found to soothe and strengthen both the mind and the body. Our students practised YOGA under the guidance of the yoga instructor through the live video sessions. The Asanas taught  mainly aimed at strengthening the immune system of the students.
It was heart warming to see our tiny tots of CAIE 1, 2 and 3 do the exercises so enthusiastically. The elder students sportively sweated it out too. The students were also jubilant to see their teachers and peers in the live video. The sessions proved to be a great morale booster during this time of social distancing. Though the platform for learning has changed, our students adapted to it quickly and followed the instructions of the PE teachers and YOGA instructor commendably well. The students were also joined by the Head Of School and their respective class advisors during the live sessions who encouraged and motivated them to stay healthy. This online fitness session is just another example that CPS Global Thirumazhisai reaches out to its students under all circumstances and tough situations. We take a pledge to keep our students  fit and healthy through rain and shine.

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