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Our EY 3 science hour was not meant to be the usual one.  We didn’t intend to make it one rather ! Something  exciting around the corner lurked  – A PBL (Project based learning)

Not every child learns best by sitting in teacher led classes for hours on end. Project-based learning increases kids’ engagement and sparks their creativity while helping them retain the material well into the future. Take a little bit of creativity, add a dash of innovation, and sprinkle in some critical thinking. This recipe makes for a well-rounded and engaged student who’s ready to tackle life beyond the classroom  and take in concepts and inspire lifelong learning at the same time.

The class was split into teams. Even though lockdown has kept us away from school, we gave the kids a pinch of working in two different virtual rooms . Children immediately understood the concept of what a team is , who is a team mate and what is team work !There was a lot of awe & thrill in the room when they all met their friends back to discuss their learning.

This is just the start and here come the pics for the first two days of PBL.

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