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Children’s Day Celebration at CPS Global School Primary Wing

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“There are certain things that we can’t buy; one among those is childhood.”
Celebrating the childhood of our students was what the day was all about. The Children’s Day celebration aimed at letting our children know how special they are to us and how important the phase that they are in, for their lives. A plethora of fun activities filled their day with surprises, joy and laughter.
“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.”
In the attempt of making this celebration worthwhile and unforgettable for our students, the teachers took a short trip to their childhood days. This brought out a lot of fresh, energetic and exciting programs that were laid out for the kids to enjoy.
The students enjoyed their time with their friends virtually through activities like scavenger hunt, mimic your friend and a magic show. The day unwrapped further with a surprise special assembly which had beautiful performances of our teachers for their dear students.
With all the effort put forward by the teachers through creative virtual activities, the grand culmination event, personalized certificates and a video message for our students achieved bringing a wide smile to their faces and their hearts.
Happiness, enhancing students’ wellbeing is always seen as the driving force of their interest towards their future. The students also realized the value and significance of childhood, making it a resolution to ensure that every moment of this beautiful period counts by staying happy and spreading positivity.

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