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Children’s Day Celebration at CPS Global School – ELP

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Growing as a child

What do you see when you look into the eyes of a child? Don’t We see ourselves Why, we still wish we could go back in time and become the lolly licking, sugar candy eating bubble blowing child.

Though a special day is dedicated to have this celebration, the rights remain for them to celebrate it every day of their life. But at CPGS anna nagar we chose to make it extra special.  How? Having their day off from books and reads and their main itenary was only to sit back relax and savour the day.

Their day at class was filed with a variety of titbits. A magic show, a shadow puppet show, a dance by their teachers to their favourite songs and of course a little learning about the significance of the day.

The promptness just screamed through the screens. A lovely activity followed the celebration and to add much meaning to the day they opened their “Happy jars “and read out their thankfulness.

So much going on in their little minds we knew then!!  After witnessing this we wished we would go back to our childhood and relive it in a very distinct way!

Children you help us grow!


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