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CAIE 6 – Field Trip to Santhome Medieval Church @ CPSGS ANN

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The students of CAIE- 6 visited Santhome Cathedral on 23rd November, for extended learning about the Medieval Church. The cathedral  visit gave the students an insight into the art and architecture of medieval churches, about the relics of the saints . They also had an opportunity to interact with the priest and know  about the monastic life and how the churches have evolved over a period of time.  Students were spell bound to see the gorgeous white church against the cloudy skies of Chennai . The huge spires and medieval  architecture is bound to make you look up again and again! The tall steeples with lovely carved designs and the domed shaped stained glass windows around the church provided  a splendid view. The cathedral which looked white and simple outside was colourful and vibrant inside. The church also houses a museum that has the liturgical items used in medieval times and wall paintings depicting the apostle St. Thomas’s life and death, a rare piece of his precious bone, an episcopal chair and a stone receptacle. The Santhome Cathedral is one among the three  in the world which was built on the tomb of the apostle.

Our Global students had an enjoyable learning experience and returned better informed about the medieval churches.




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