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CAIE 4 – Field Trip to Egmore Museum @ CPSGS ANN

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‘We live in a world full of people which is diverse in their cultural and democratic society’

Knowing our rich and varied heritage has always been a part of our learning process. It helps in bridging the gap between the past and the present.

The students of CPS Global School were taken to the Egmore Museum to have the touch and feel of our rich culture and heritage.

The students were enlightened and much excited to see the primeval coins and various other monuments and structures. The museum had many things in store for them such as sculptures, different art forms, pottery, and brass collections. They were deeply engrossed in knowing about the different historical stories.

Our children were super excited to find an activity park at the museum and their excitement knew no bounds. It was an eventful morning, as they not only got involved in their social skills but also worked on their life skills.

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