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Beginning of the primodium of the Human Being- A Zygote @ CPSGS ANN

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As an introduction to the study of Developmental Biology, the students of Grade 7 were engaged in the observation of the week wise development of the Human fetus from the fertilized egg cell stage to the Blastula Stage.

Developmental biology includes the production of gametes, fertilization, and development of the embryo, emergence of the adult organism, senescence, and death.  Students of CAIE 7A students were astonished to see the models of various stages of an embryo from week 1 to week 36 (fetus) that was arranged week -wise. Students had a reflection at which week a heartbeat, reproductive organs, and smiles emerged? Also, the learners were shown microscopic slides of the male and female gamete which led them to understand how a microscopic single cell actually starts off life. They observed the slides to understand their morphological structure clearly.

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