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As fit as a fiddle – ELP

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Just like how we have stressful situations arising in our life every now and then, kids these days, too face a lot of trying situations at home, in school, with friends and everywhere around them in life. In such a scenario, kids also need stress busters like grownups that is effective and beneficial and can instantly cool off.
Today children at the ELP segment in CPS Global learnt to connect their body, soul and mind and learnt to preserve their inner balance. There was zumba to warm up, mindfulness for breath awareness and yoga to deal with both the mind and body.
As their teachers performed so did they, moving and bending every little muscle in their body. There was a baffling tranquility in the room, was it the screeching calmness of the mind? Was it the serendipity? Or did the little minds have their connections triggered!
We couldn’t guess! All we saw was some magical transformation!




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