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Boom! Boom! Board game – ELP 3B

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Zip and zoom

Bam and boom

Hoot and toot and

Moon Moon Moon!

I’m sometimes really noisy too,

But please be quiet –

I’m trying to snooze

A multifaceted nature of teaching – learning requires a rich repertoire of teaching methods. Methods ,which evoke critical thinking, reasoning and analyzing   and   some  that we can develop using available teaching methods, which are frequently still seen as unconventional.

For instance “games”:

The most significant factors distinguishing game and play are the following:

  • meaning of score
  • nature and meaning of rules
  • competition in the game,

ELP 3 b had a gamification moment. A  Simple game was devised with easy to follow rules that helped children fortify what they had been learning at language hour.  Instead of roll the dice we had a” Pick the chit” game where they read the instructions on the board to finish the game. There were teams, there were rules and there was a competitive spirit to finish first and of course there was at the end of it all – a learning outcome.




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