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Activities galore @ CPS GS ANN

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Children are brimming with energy and teachers are excited to have them on board. As we all begin to learn this week what makes it even more exciting is the activity time we have incorporated in the time table. Understanding the importance of physical activity and creative expression in early learning we at the Early Years Segment of CPS GS, we give equal precedence to extra – curricular activities as much as to learning.

Music, Dance, Physical education, Art and Craft are all an essential part of learning and brain development as they relax the mind and energise the body. Children sang their favourite nursery rhymes to the tune of the keyboard and guitar in music class and it was a treat to watch them perform dance as they coordinated the dance steps and music.  The Physical education class had them stretch their tiny limbs as they performed active physical activity, which is an ideal way to energise the mind and body, keeping children mentally and physically fit. Creativity is a great way to try out new ideas and foster mental growth in children. The fun and pleasure they have while drawing and painting contributes immensely towards them developing happy personalities.

A daily dose of physical activity combined with a creative splash helps beings out the best academic results!

Yup! They all go hand in hand

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