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A Yoga Morning @ CPSGS ANN

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It was a zestful Monday Morning and we got to celebrate International Yoga Day at CPSGS EY segment.

The beauty of Yoga is that it brings us one with nature and we need not go in search of forests or brooks. Children are the closest we can get to nature.  So pristine and spotless!

The earliest interactions of human beings have been with nature and the living creatures in it – the birds and the bees, animals, and insects, reptiles and amphibians. It is from watching them in action and motion that we have been most influenced. It is no wonder then, that there are so many asanas or poses based on the stretches and twists, flexes and poses of animals.

Children invited themselves into a boundless world of wonder and exploration today. When we choose to join them, the teaching/learning process will be continually reciprocal and provide an opportunity for everyone to create, express themselves, and grow together. We become the facilitator and not the teacher.

A healing session for the mind body and soul indeed!

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