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A Talk by Major Mohammed Ali Shah on Change adversity into opportunity @ CPSGS ANN

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On July 11th, the CPS Global School heightened the confidence and the sangfroid faith of its students by inviting the virtuoso, adroit and deft Major Mohammed Ali Shah. A well-versed, renowned, and affiliated motivational speaker. He addressed his perception of adversity and vocalised the rousing recipe of how he brewed innumerable and stupefying opportunities using his setbacks. As a member of the felicitous audience, listening to the Major’s extremely engaging and influential talk most definitely incentivised and made the audience remain undeterred when faced with afflicting misadventures. His speech encouraged to weave misfortunes into a pulchritudinous tapestry of opportunities. CPS Global School arrestingly clarified its students that failure should be our mentor, not our undertaker or deterrent. Failure is a delay, not a defeat and that it is a temporary detour and never a dead end. After all, as the saying goes, failure is a stepping stone to success.


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