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Journey of Narration @ CPSGS ANN

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“Life is a journey that has a lot of different paths, but any path you choose, use it as your destiny.”

On this journey, CPS Global celebrated its Virtual Contest – Journey of Narration this week. It was the first of its kind, where children of CAIE 3-5 participated in the ‘Storytelling Contest’.

The contest was spread across two rounds -Preliminary and Finals. Students have amazed us with the creativity they have shown in this challenge. It was an absolute sight to behold to see our children be so proactive, excited in trying out new ventures. Children have not just explored with the props they could use for the narrative, but they have also gone up to the level of using the limited resources available to make the narratives super interesting.  It was wonderful to have Dr Sandhya Ruban, Founder of Eloquens and a passionate storyteller along with Ms Archana Dange, Director at Helen O’ Grady International preschool to judge the contest.

‘Children are naturally creative. It’s our responsibility to give the freedom, materials and space to let their creativity blossom to its full potential.’

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