‘We are the World…’_ An IB CAS Project_World’s Biggest Virtual Choir

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This pandemic era has not stopped us to be creative, in fact it has opened doors for new initiatives when Mr. Harold Molina, Coordinator of the Diploma Program at Yorkin High School, Costa Rica sent an invitation to our IB students to be a part of “The IB Virtual Choir – We are The World IB CAS Project”. This initiative was to form the biggest virtual choir of IB students in the World with the aim of bringing hope and voice of encouragement to the community all around the world, joining hands with Izmael Pacheco, a professional pianist also the director of the Costa Rica’s New Orchestra. Our students from CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai, Chanakaya Kalyanaraman(IBDP Year 2), Kavya Subramanian (IBDP Year 2) and Marteena Immaculate (IBDP Year 1), participated in this global initiative taking guidance from the music teacher, Mr. Eremias.

It was certainly an extraordinary universal experience for our IBDP students to be a part of this choir as they joyously partook in the practice sessions organized with the pianist and the students all over the globe through Zoom. A video recording of our students singing was shared with Mr. Harorld Molina, similarly 57 schools with 400 IBDP learners around the globe also sending their voices with video recordings. The compilation of the same was published on YouTube.

Our global choristers, Chanakya, Kavya and Marteena, stated, singing in this exceptional venture to be an encouraging experience and exclaimed, they were able to dispatch and spread the meaning of optimism through this wonderful gesture.

To accomplish anything great, one must overcome the barriers. This Virtual Global Choir hence affirms distance doesn’t stop a good cause; there are unstoppable ways to achieve it. Connecting virtually with the technology has brought overwhelming happiness and response to this great enterprise.

Student’s speak of their experiences….


It’s my pleasure to be a part of this project.  Really enjoyed the interaction session with some many new people all around the world. It was a whole new experience to me. I totally enjoyed while working on this project.


As a young and eager student, the lockdown certainly did limit us students in several ways. I was excited to find out about the Virtual Choir and felt grateful to be given the opportunity to engage myself in something I liked. It brings warmth to my heart that students all over the world are able to work towards one goal and being able to succeed in doing so.


The virtual choir was an initiative which, during isolating times, united students from all over the world for one purpose – spreading hope. The prospect of global collaboration even during these times was refreshing to me, as a quarantining student. The experience was especially most rewarding while seeing the global collaboration materialize in front of our eyes, in the form of the final video.


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