“A paper for a smile” – ITC Recycling Drive @ CPSGS, TMZ

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“A paper for a smile”

ITC Recycling Drive – A CAS initiative by the students of IBDP Year 1

The IBDP Year 1 students of CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai have successfully
completed their first impactful CAS project – “A paper for a smile”-The ITC Recycling Drive
2022. With the mission of a passion for environmental sustainability and social good, the
students initiated a paper waste recycling drive, collecting significant paper waste to be
exchanged for valuable stationery supplies as a part of ITC’s WOW (Wealth out of Waste)
Initiative! The stationery were pledged to the Government school in the school’s vicinity in
Thirumazhisai as part of the project to bring ‘a smile’!

The ITC Recycling Drive commenced on 20 th September at the Thirumazhisai campus, and
initiated to the Anna Nagar Campus on 11 th October. IBDP Yr1 students designed posters to
spread their message – “Save the planet, Support the children” and campaigned during
school hours to spread awareness on their project. The response was overwhelming with
students and teachers contributing to the drive, by donating old newspapers, textbooks and
notebooks. The paper waste collected was weighed daily and the students, along with the
help of a few teachers, regularly updated a participant log sheet to record the progress of the

The ITC Recycling Drive concluded on 5th November and the paper waste collected at the
school campus was handed over to the ITC WOW Team. Remarkably, the total amount of
waste collected at the Thirumazhisai campus was 720 kgs! The total amount of waste
collected at the Anna Nagar campus stood at 860 kg, bringing the total collection to nearly
1580 kgs! The students graciously appreciated the teachers and students for their generous
contributions. They, in turn, were appreciated by their peers and teachers for showing such a
self-effacing effort. The students, to show their indebtedness, have planned to acknowledge
and laud the deserving contributors to the cause. The IBDP 1 students exchanged the paper
waste for stationery items like geometry boxes, rulers, pens, pencils and erasers which were
donated to the deserving students of the Government school at Thirumazhisai. Here’s to the
joy of giving and spreading a smile!

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