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A pang of happiness @ CPSGS ANN

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At CPS GS we consider it our responsibility to contribute to the betterment of our society.We offer our support to the initiative of Zero Hunger by the United Nations Organisation to end hunger, achieve food security and  improve nutrition .We believe that everyone should be given nutritious and healthy food and our children at CPS GS supported our vision by raising funds and donating them for the cause.

Children learnt  the importance of sustainable nutrition and how it is important to eat healthy food to maintain a healthy life. Zero Hunger cannot be achieved within a few days. It is a way of life. We have to bring about a conscious change in our thought process to ensure that not only do we eat healthy but conscientiously take care of the food needs of the society around us. No one should sleep hungry and everyone should eat nutritious food. Want not waste not is our motto and we encourage our children to buy and use only what is necessary.
Our initiative was supported by the Akshayam group as they supplied us with food packets at affordable rates which were distributed at various localities in the city.  We thank them for making our initiative a reality .
And Our rewards were the thankful smiles and blessings by those who received them.

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