Showers of Blessing- Dusshera Celebrations @ CPS GS, Thirumazhisai

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Celebrations are never-ending enjoyable moments bringing colours of joy into
our life. The entire CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai family strived to make
the Dusshera celebrations 2021 even more special and glorious after a lean year.
If studies can be hybrid, why can’t celebrations too? With students and teachers,
admin staff joining both from home and school, it was a real gala!

The celebration was sipped in cuteness with the tiny tots curating the entire
show. Starting with the customary prayer songs and shloka followed by the little
ELP toddlers who immaculately demonstrated the power and strength through
the 9 avatars of Goddess Durga. CAIE1 and CAIE2 students took us on a virtual
trip of Navaratri Celebrations around the country brought forth the secular
nature of this festival. Their accompanying Dandiya dance added flavour to the
trip. The students displayed their golu dolls at home and the decoration at
school. Though all missed the fanfare that was part of the physical Dusshera
celebrations, all were happy to again witness the traditional poo kolam (flower
rangoli) and a small display of golu dolls at school!

Having pepped up the enthusiasm, now it was turn of the entire school to tap to
the dance steps of our dance trainer, Mr. Sujith. The gaiety of the festival
resonated throughout school and zoom as all joined in the garba and dandiya

The celebrations culminated with the inspiring words of Head of School, Mrs.
Jayu Ganesh to listen to our consciousness and do the right thing, thus spreading
happiness to everyone around us.

Celebrations are not only dancing and wearing new clothes. It is also about
lending our helping hand. Annual CAS Initiative by the IBYr1 students and
Mrs. Swrnlatha to help the Akshaya Trust located in various places in Chennai
to help the needy. All realised that spreading happiness around is the key to
one’s internal peace and joy.

Let the showers of blessing continue!!! Happy Dusshera and Navaratri!!!

Every day in our life is a special occasion. To make this more special, we have
the Dusshera celebrations, a nine-day celebration to enjoy the blessings of

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