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Transforming Young Writers: The Power of Using Powerful Verbs @ CPS Global School, Anna Nagar

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Words are the paintbrushes of the mind; powerful verbs bring our stories to life.

Encouraging young learners to enhance their vocabulary is a key aspect of developing strong writing skills. One effective way to achieve this is by exposing them to replace weak verbs with powerful verbs. This activity not only expands their vocabulary but also makes their writing more vivid and engaging. With the same, CIE 3 students delved into an activity “Find the Powerful Verb Match.”

The learners were randomly distributed weak verb and powerful verb cards, and the activity was clearly explained to the kids. They went around to find their match, trying to complete their task within the given duration of 2 minutes. They then sat together and discussed their verbs, coming up with sentences using both weak verbs and strong verbs to see the difference.

This hands-on, collaborative approach not only made learning enjoyable but also instilled a lifelong appreciation for the richness of language.

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