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Show and Tell – ELP

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Show and Tell has numerous benefits for young children. These early language experiences help children use effective vocabulary and develop listening skills, hence encouraging active learning. We align our Show and Tell with the monthly curriculum to ensure complete understanding of the topics learnt in class.
Our toddlers are growing at a fast pace and their ever improving speaking skills inspire us to involve them in practical activities. They are discovering new words and using them to describe objects. To enhance this ELP 1 was asked to bring in their favourite toy and talk about it in class. The turnout of toys was a beautiful collection of cars, dinosaurs, girlie dolls and even an infant set! They proudly displayed their favourite toy and described it with the few words they had in their kitty.
Their counterparts in ELP 2 are on the other hand getting to know about themselves. Our 5 senses are our windows to the world. Hence what could be a better topic than that to encourage toddlers to speak and ensure their understanding?
Learning about our surroundings and environment is an essential part of our curriculum. Our oldest learners are our ELP 3 who are brimming with confidence, their topic Weather was just apt to bring out the performer in them. Dressed as weather reporters they delivered comprehensive news about the weather for the day and had us enthralled by their confident body language and clarity on what they spoke.



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